Clean forms and simplicity enables us to connect to our most primeval inner space through which we can reconnect once again to the divine beauty and celebrate the pureness of our being. That’s the guiding light which leads me through my work process. In conjunction with Japanese meticulous minimalism alongside primary scruples, unrefined African resourceful materials which all seem to permeate through my work unconsciously and unintentionally.
A lifelong fascination with nature and its life force has brought me to walk about as an observer and a seeker of my surroundings. Sensing the living\decaying objects awakens and brings to the surface unfamiliar perceptions within me. Even though I’m deeply moved by the vastness of nature which enlightens me and forms the framework of my work, I choose to focus my outmost attention on the smallest of details as the exquisite beauty of nature unfolds before me and captures my imagination.
Found, unwanted, tossed away, wilted and decaying fragmented vegetation are collected selectively as they are added to the growing collection of accumulating raw materials in the studio. After gathering them I began by revealing and classifying them, than I proceed by photographing arranged compositions of the elements that I want to preserve in their found stage.  In addition, I photograph the classified raw material and document it in a similar manner to a botanical archive. To me, this process is just as important and enriching as the final outcome of the work itself.
My work focuses on the smaller elements in nature while reinterpreting and redefining them in order to capture and highlight the decaying beauty and the well-deserved glory of their past.  This very personal journey brings about new ventures and is a catalyst for  discoveries into my work and life.

1957 Born in Israel
1968 – 1980 resided in the US
1980 – Present. Israel


1972 – 1975, At the age of fifteen I started my formal art training attending private painting classes at the Winnetka Institute of art, Winnetka Illinois. Attended a group exhibition at Winnetka Institute of Art.
1975 – 1979, BA in in Design, Art and Psychology from the Southern Illinois University, US.
2010 – 2013, studied eastern philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and department of philosophy at the Tel Aviv University, Israel.
1996 – present, Yoga practitioner. Certified hatha yoga instructor.
2013 – 2016, Studies calligraphy under the instruction of the Japanese artist Kazuo Ishii.


1979 – 1982, Worked at various design studios and advertising firms in Israel.
1985 – 2006, Joined “Mintz Lab Systems” worked as a product designer and in charge of marketing and branding, which also included designing and implementing exhibitions booths for the company.
1992 – 1996, I created a series of amorphous wooden sculptures that evoke a sensual language which I incorporates into my furniture design.
2006 – 2016, Established ”bdbyom” Basic Design by Orna Mintz. Working as freelance designer and adviser. Designing custom made furniture, kitchens and interior spaces, navigating between residential and commercial spaces.
2014 – present, After a period of three decades as a designer/artist, I have decided to dedicate all of my time to sculpting and installation art using natural raw materials

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